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Xtract All Screw FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many Broken Screw Extractors are in the system?
There are 6 Broken Screw Extractors.

How many Stripped Screw Extractors are in the System?
There are 6 sizes of Stripped Screw Extractors in the system.

What size ranges do the Extractors cover?
Broken Extractors cover 2.0 to 8.0; Stripped Extractors cover 2.0mm to 7.00mm. .

What Type of Material are the Extractors made of?
400 Series Stainless Steel.

How long are the Extractors?
The Extractors are 2” long.

What type of Drive do the Extractors have?
The Extractors have a Double D Drive configuration.

Can I use the Extractors with a Hudson Drill Drive?
No, the Legacy system does not mate with a Hudson Connection.

Are the Extractors “Single Use Only”?
Yes, the Extractors are labeled as “

Are the Extractors cannulated?

Are larger extractor sizes available.
There is no plan to make larger size Legacy Extractors. Larger sizes are available with the Screw System V.2.

Can the Extractors be used under power?
Yes, the Extractors have a Power Adapter for Jacob Style chucks.

How do I know which size Extractor to use?
For Broken Screws, choose an Extractor slightly larger than the diameter of the screw. For Stripped Screws, choose an Extractor that fits into the screw socket without bottoming out in the socket..

What type of Drill Chuck is needed to use Screw Legacy under Power?
The Driving end of the Extractor’s is a ¼” Square Feature. The AD120-M01 Power Adapter is needed. Any Jacobs Style 3 jaw chuck will also work.

How many Extensions are available and how long are they?
The system has 3 sizes of Extensions available. 4”, 6”, & 8.”

How long are the Extensions?
The Extension are 4”, 6”, & 8” long.

What type of Drive connection does the Extension utilize?
The Extensions utilize a ¼ Square Driver.

What is the largest Diameter of the Extension?
Ø1.13”, Ø28.71mm.

Are the Extension Cannulated?

Is the Power Adapter Cannulated?

Is the Ratcheting T-Handle Cannulated?

What are the dimensions of the Screw Legacy System Case (Gray Graphics)?
Length: 17.3”, Width: 8.5”, Height: 3.274”, Length: 439.42mm, Width: 215.9mm, Height: 83.16mm.

How much does the system weigh (Gray Graphics)?
The System Weighs 11.5lbs, 5.22kg.

What are the dimensions of the Screw Legacy System Case (Blue Graphics)?

Length: 20.38”, Width: 9.5”, Height: 3.87”, Length: 517.652mm, Width: 241.3mm, Height: 98.298mm.

How much does the system weigh (Blue Graphics)?
The System Weighs 10.61lbs, 4.82kg.

What material are the Extractor Caddies made of?
All White Caddies are made of Radel Plastic, Blue Graphic Caddies are a combination of Aluminum and Radel..

Can new Caddies be purchased?
Yes, Contact Customer Service for quote and to place order.

What Material are Bone Screw’s made of?
Most Bone Screws are 300 Series Stainless Steel or Titanium.

The Stripped Screw Extractor is not engaging the screw, what do I do?
Option 1: Use the next bigger Stripped Screw Extractor. Option 2: Use a Drill Bit to make the Socket diameter larger. Option 3: use a large Drill Bit to remove the head of the screw, then use a Broken Screw Extractor. Option 4: Use a Broken Screw Extractor large enough to go over the screw head..

Are Drill Bits in the System?
There are Drill Bits in the Legacy System.

Will the Breaker Bar in Legacy work with V.2