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The SHUKLA Anterior Hip Universal Hip Implant Extraction System is designed for the removal of hip stems using the direct anterior approach during revision surgeries. The system consists of a variety of instrumentation geared towards the universal removal of varying designs of hip stems.

  • Strike Plate Frame and Mallet combo makes extraction simple, effective, and fast.
  • Extraction force remains inline with the implant. This greatly reduces the side-load of the force, reducing the risk of fractures.
  • Ability to remove a universal range of hip stems with a trunnion.
  • Femoral Head Punch quickly removes the femoral head component off the hip stem thanks to its unique angle and ergonomic silicone grip.
  • Avoids the need to perform an osteotomy.
  • Modular T-Handle easily connects to the Strike Plate Frame allowing for controlled extraction no matter the angle.

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