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The SHUKLA Trauma Maxi Universal Large Screw Extraction System from Shukla Medical is a comprehensive screwdriver system designed to simplify the removal and insertion of large bone screws commonly found in both trauma and total joint surgeries.

  • 18 Drivers designed for universal bone screw configuration compatibility.
  • Ratcheting quick connect silicone handle with locking capability allows for easier and simpler screw removal with less hand fatigue.
  • Hudson Power Adapter lets surgeons connect to a power drill for even faster screw removal.
  • Double the rigid drivers to allow for trauma surgeons to have a backup of the same driver queued up whenever needed.
  • Driver tip configurations cover all head variations: Cruciform, Flat, Hex, Phillips, and Torx.

Product Guide: SHUKLA Trauma Maxi (S9MAXI-TR)
Surgical Technique Guide: SHUKLA Trauma Maxi (S9MAXI-TR)
Shukla Medical Limited Warranty
Cleaning and Sterilization: Instructions