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The SHUKLA Broken & Stripped ScrewFlex system is a universal screw removal system designed to remove all broken, stripped, and seized bone screws with minimal bone loss to the patient. This set is perfect for acetabular cup revision procedures.

  • Ratcheting quick-connect T-Handle with locking capability and ergonomic design grants easier and simpler screw removal with less fatigue.
  • Flexible shafts allow access to hard-to-reach geometry without sacrificing torque for the removal of screws.
  • Carbide Drill bits allow for the creation of a well when one isn’t readily available. The carbide tips make short work of all commonly used orthopaedic metals.
  • Reverse threads quickly engage with the broken or stripped screw and remove it with ease.
  • Universal compatibility - six sizes of Stripped Extractors, six sizes of Broken Extractors, and six sizes of Drill Bits ensure that a universal range of screws can be removed.
  • Minimize bone loss - less cost to the O.R., less risk to the patient. Our extractors remove the screw with an amazingly low amount of bone loss.

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