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The Xtract-All® Hip Universal Hip Stem Extraction System is designed for the removal of well-fixed hip stems during revision surgeries. The system consists of a variety of instrumentation geared towards removal of varying designs of hip stems

A universal system designed to efficiently extract hip stems during revision surgery

  • Removes various hip stem configurations including (but not limited to) tapered neck, monoblock, proximally Threaded, slotted, cross hole, and modular stems
  • Includes C-Frame and Mallet for greater surgeon control and extraction force
  • Offers separate Modular Hip Stem Extractor

Shown: Successful removal of a Fully Porous Coated Depuy® AML Stem using the Xtract-All® Hip system. The stem was well-fixed and the surgeon used osteotomes as well as k-wires down the calkar to loosen the interface between the bone and the implant.

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