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Designed to simplify insertion and extraction of large bone screws

  • Provides 16 of the most frequently used bone-screw tip configurations
  • Includes solid and flexible interchangeable driver shafts
  • Ergonomic Ratcheting Silicone Handle supports a strong grip to eliminate slippage

The Xtract-All® Maxi Universal Large Screw Extraction System from Shukla Medical is a comprehensive screwdriver system designed to simplify the insertion and removal of large bone screws.

Universal compatibility with a wide range of driver configurations
  • Includes hex, torx, cruciform, flat, & Phillips drivers
  • Minimize lengthy searches for a compatible driver
Solid & flexible shaft technology
  • Access challenging anatomy without compromising torque
  • Extended length improves visibility & access to deep-seated screws
  • Ideal for acetabular cup removal
Ratcheting handle designed for comfort
  • Ergonomic design supports a strong grip
  • Reduces hand fatigue

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