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The SHUKLA Copter system is designed to quickly remove entire pedicle screw constructs from the spine, provided the surgeon is able to cut the spinal rod on either side. It is notably useful for all challenging screw constructs where any component (such as a locking cap, set screw, or bone screw) is fixed or the correct driver is not available.

  • Three different sizes of copter sockets to explant challenging screw & rod constructs even without the ability to remove the locking cap.
  • Breaker Bar allows for increased torque when removing the construct.
  • Back out the entire pedicle screw construct - Screw, Tulip, Rod Segment, and Locking Cap
  • Four different sizes of extensions allow for easy access to any screw construct.

Product Guide: SHUKLA Copter (S9COPTER)
Surgical Technique Guide: SHUKLA Copter (S9COPTER)
Shukla Medical Limited Warranty
Cleaning and Sterilization: Instructions

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