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A universal extraction system intended to efficiently remove knee implant hardware manufactured by a wide range of orthopedic companies.

  • Vise Grip Style Extractors
    • Universally adjusts to a wide range of styles and sizes
    • Applies impaction force in line with the implant stem to minimize bone loss
  • Revolutionized Strike Plate Frame and Mallet
    • Allows essential impaction force for easier removal of well-fixed components
    • Allows greater control and stability
  • Femoral and Tibial Specialized Osteotomes
    • Disrupts difficult to reach posterior bone-cement interfaces
    • Minimizes bone loss

Shown: Dr. Whiteside using the retrograde blades on the posterior of the tibial implant

PA Kathleen “Katie” Smith holds up the Shukla Medical Strike Plate Frame from our Shukla Knee set after another successful surgery from Orthopedic Surgeon Stephen W. Smith, M.D. at Peachtree Orthopedics in Atlanta, Georgia

“We absolutely LOVE your products. They are a game-changer when it comes to revisions and have reduced our OR time considerably. We appreciate all you do!”

–  Kathleen “Katie” Smith  |  Physician Assistant

“I just wanted to thank you for your total knee extraction device. It has made our life so much easier. I’ve been able to use it several times over the past months and it works great! I just think it’s important to let you know there are real surgeons, and more importantly, real patients out here benefiting from your good work.”

– Dr. Stephen W. Smith  |  Orthopedic Surgeon

Additional Videos

Z Blade use in the Posterior Lateral Corner

Removal of the Tibial Implant

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